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by خانم خالدی

Electronic Co-ordinator with registration number 382041 with 15 years history in the field of audio, video and security systems of automobile
By attracting trained, trained, and trained human personnel, it is a new step in providing audiovisual products.
You have been taken away. The company has entered the field since its inception with the approach to innovation in products and services and support.

The basis of the company is based on a customer-oriented and according to the slogan “Iran deserves the best” towards this goal
It has taken the step that takes into account the best quality in its products..
Requests made by customers and colleagues of this collection are intended to be assigned to all
The provinces of our beloved Iran have increased their service in this category.
The policy of this company is based on quality and innovation. This important development is the result of the efforts and diligence of the engineers.

Unique designs – Quality parts and machines for the production line with world-class technology

World Validate Certificate ISO9001  Has caused the company’s suppliers to meet the standards of the day to get CEROHS.FCC,FDA


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