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by خانم خالدی

What is a car tracker?

Stealing the vehicles This is an important international issue, and this fact supports the statistics of several countries Slowly Fortunately, technology tracker GPS is there to help us, We protect our cars from thefts, and in the case of theft, automobile tracking devices. They can also help us retrieve our vehicles.

The most important features of the car tracker

Real time tracking 
The current status of the vehicle, such as the move, is parked out of time or idle with the map marker Has been. Multiple vehicles can be grouped and managed simultaneously and used with a simple interface

Travel Date
You can track all journeys done by the vehicle graphically on the map. Information such as mileage, stop, off time, engine time and average speed are displayed 

The alarms
Using the features of the vehicle tracking system such as speeding alert, daytime alert, route diversion alert and over-stop warning, driver analysis can be analyzed and optimized for fuel consumption and workforce optimization. 

Geographic Area
You can create a geographical boundary called a fence on a map around the highlight. An alert whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the geographical environment

Historical Reports
For most businesses with medium to large fleets, access to location reports and ROI reporting is high

Easy to use, user-friendly interface
A simple and intuitive user interface provides powerful features such as access to wise groups without the need for multiple Account, Bird’s eye of the entire fleet and the ability to report historical and real-time data 

User access control and management
For business owners, user management and access control are an important feature of the car tracking system.

Some GPS tracking devices have been designed to provide innovative location-based service solutions to integrate location-based power and integrate it with cloud computing to capture operational operator-operated fleet data to ensure fleet prediction performance  

Easy installation
When looking for a GPS based vehicle tracking device that fits your need, ease of installation and maintenance is an important consideration. One should look for a compact device that can be installed discreetly (under the dashboard). Devices that support OBD connectors are a better choice for a ‘plug and play’ solution. Compatibility with different models of the car is also a factor to consider when making an informed choice.

Car tracking application

With this app, your mobile will be converted to a tracking device. From now on, whenever you lose your car, or your car will steal, or more interesting than that, if you want to know where your child is. Just use the 4 rah tracking app. By using our app, you will always have a car tracker, and you will no longer have to worry about stealing and losing your car. Using the car tracking program, you do not even need to connect to the Internet, just by sending a pos poster to a phone number. You can get your own position.